Domain Name For Sale For 25,000 USD
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For The Safe
We can not meet so you may worry about the safety of deal, so we can use
Escrow Process Escrow Fees and Calculator

The 2 Ways of Domain Ownership Change
1. Domainca(current registrar) Online Ownershipchange Service
Make your account at and let me know your User ID
then I can push domain name to your account in realtime(like online banking).
You can see domain name at your own account and changed whois information immediately.
2. If You Want Registrar Change
Please visit new registrar(ex. and require "domain transfer" ,then I will confirm it.
If registrar change is done after some days,it means that you are new owner of domain name.

If you are serious to purchase this,
I will willingly negotiate so feel free to contact me via email or phone call.
The earlier contact, the better price for you.
Good name will support your business and brand power.
Thanks a lot
David Park +82.16.732.6548